Sunday 18 November 2007

More Cupcakes!

I was recently asked to make some cakes for another 40th birthday party. The idea was to have something that could create a centrepiece that guests would see when they arrive. We agreed that I would make some creative cupakes and use the 5-tier cake stand to present them on. Here are some photos of them
prepared at home

setting up at the party

chocolate and violet cakes and maple syrup and ginger

top layer had shards of rose flavoured chocolate


Anonymous said...

I am so in Love with your cupcakes..
I love baking too...
{{{Im sure they taste as good as they Look}}
Keep up the Good Work..

Anonymous said...

Having had no end of disasters over baking sponges your recipe was a revelation. Thank you - first time a winner - it was so light it almost floated -as it was it flew off the plate fast enough. Can I be greedy and ask whether you have a coffee and walnut cake recipe? One of my favourites

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